Video Training

Video Assessments are great way to progress in your day to day training, it can be done wherever you are in the world.

Its tailored to you and your horse, with bespoke exercises for you to develop and train at any level from Intro to Grand Prix

Do you have a movement or a Training issue you need help with?
Or even just advice on the general way of going which needs improvement?

  • Reviews

    "I had a problem with my flying changes, I was stuck on how to improve them. So I videoed them and sent them to Hayley, she identified the issue and gave me exercises to focus on and improve them, which I'm happy to say has worked!"

    "I have weekly Video training with Hayley and I can say my horse and I have improved greatly, since. Its really useful having exercises to work on each week and gives me focus on how to improve and develop"

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