Live Online Lessons

Live Online Dressage Lessons are available all over the World and cater to all levels from just starting out to International Grand Prix.
Lessons are available on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
You can purchase lessons Online via my Shop.

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  • All you need is…..

    A Phone and a Bluetooth Headset or Speaker.

    A Good Connection (can be WiFi or 3G/4G)

    Someone to Video your lesson, a Robot Camera (Pivo or Pixem) or just your phone on a tripod at the end of the arena.

    Live Online Lessons can be linked up via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Pivo, Zoom and Pixem move n see.

  • Reviews

    "I love my Live lessons with Hayley, its just like she is in the arena with me, only in a virtual way"

    "The Live Lessons mean I can have extra training when I need it rather then having to wait for the next clinic, they work so well and have really helped me improve"

    ”I train with Hayley every week via live lessons, the improvement in me and my horse is amazing”

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